BBC News: The Sutton Trust and their report on personal statements

You may have caught it on the news at the end of last year, if you didn’t here it is again.

My view, after working with students from a mixed range of backgrounds is that this report makes a lot of sense and it can be found in it’s entirety here.

We’ve been conducting our own research recently and have found there are a number of online services that offer to write the full personal statement for a fee. This has certainly been a driving force for BO_oM Learning and our decision to offer a 1 to 1 and online support service.

We certainly do not write personal statements for students and do not believe this to be good practice. We offer guidance and clear feedback so that students can represent themselves in their best possible light. We’ll be blogging on this in more detail soon and once our website’s live, linking to all of our services.  In the meantime…

*If you need help beyond the support you receive from college, family, friends and the internet, BO_oM Learning can assist you.  Please send an email to  and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.*

by Caroline Morgan


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